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Warranty Regulations

These warranty regulations designate the terms for the claiming and processing of the prospective warranties of goods purchased through Internet store We would be happy to answer any other possible questions concerning warranties via e-mail at

1. Basic Provisions
The warranty regulations of Internet store concern goods purchased through this store when a claim on the warranty is made before the expiration of the warranty period. These warranty regulations are in accordance with the law regulations of the Czech Republic, particularly with the Civil Code.
A customer who receives goods purchased through Internet store accepts and agrees with the conditions of the warranty by his or her signature.

2. 100% money back guarantee
If you are not satisfied with the goods you can return them, with no questions asked, within 1 month upon their delivery.
Goods for return should be sent with:
• the original non-damaged wrapping; unused; complete
• the issued sale receipt or with a copy
• your bank account number
Upon the receipt of the goods your money will be refunded directly into your account via bank transfer. The customer will bear the transportation costs related to the return of all goods.

3. The Warranty Terms
a) Duration period
The product is designated for decoration purposes only. The 2 years warranty applies only to this type of use. The warranty period commences immediately upon acceptance of the goods.

b) Possibilities of warranty claims
Please immediately report a warranty claim by e-mail at before the return of the goods for warranty. Your claim will be reviewed and resolved individually. You will be informed about the resolution of your claim within 14 days of our receipt of your warranted goods.

Any mechanical or other damage to the product that results from the handling of the product in violation with the product designation, or unauthorized and rough use of the product cannot be claimed as warrantable defects.

The tax receipt that you receive with the goods also serves as a receipt of warranty.

4. The Seller
The seller ( is under obligation to process a warranty claim of the sold goods as quickly as possible, however, in accordance with regulations in force, 30 days at the latest from the day the claim on the warranty is made. If a different agreement is reached between the seller and the customer this provision is negated.

5. The Customer
In a case where the customer finds any discrepancies between the data on the tax receipt and the actual delivered goods, it is the customer’s obligation to report this, or any possible incorrect data on the invoice, to the seller (within 3 days at the latest from receipt of the goods). In the event that they do not do so, they put themselves at risk of a later claim not being honored.

6. Final Provisions
The warranty regulations of Internet store became effective on January 1, 2008. The operator of the mentioned store is entitled to implement amendments to these regulations.